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  1. I am in the process of building two 1 inch furnace burners. I'm following the plans from Michael Porter's book. I'm at the stage where I need to cut the air slots out and was wondering if I could make 3 wider slots instead of the 6 that the plans call for. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do have a rotary tool with all necessary attachments to cut out slots.

  2. Thanks guys. What I didn't mention is that it took me three days to make those tongs. I enjoyed every minute of it though. Shamus, I'm not sure about Ellwood City, I just joined PAABA. It's a blacksmithing group for the Pittsburgh area. Frosty, I bet you have a lot of tongs!

  3. Hi everyone. I am new to smithing and also posting anything online. I have been able to find the answers to all of my questions so far, just by reading topics already discussed. I feel like I'm very fortunate to have all the information that is available nowadays between the internet and books that weren't written till the late nineties. It seems like a good time to get involved in all of this. My next move is going to be joining PAABA.