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  1. Frosty- Thank you very much for your imput. But one problem, it would most likely be much harder for me to get my hands on a boulder, than a stake or stump anvil. Not sure if you've ever been out near Hobbs nm/Seminole tx, but there is likely no boulders bigger than a football, nor a place willing to let me have it haha. Though I would love to make an anvil, I think I will purchase one, either online or from a blacksmith I know. And use that to also create anvils I could use/sell. Charles- Yes that is exactly my plan!Ill more than likely have my smithy outside, under a "tent". Untill i move out on my own. I purchase my tools, I'll begin saving as much as possible. So that one day I can have a fully traditional style viking house and smithy I plan to build. Thanks again!
  2. Oh also, I live in Seminole Texas. If that helps any.
  3. Njanvilman- I suppose I should have specified about the anvil. I would have cut the railroad into a small horned stump anvil of about 10lbs. But i know a blacksmith I met through instagram and will be asking him how much he would charge for an anvil of that type. John an Notoenkid- I will be checking out those books, thanks. Charles- Yes I spent the night looking at pictures of anvils. Now I have a very clear concept of how they look. A low weight square shape of usually 3" or up to 6" with a spike to go in a stump. Or something like a 4x4" flat surface and short,small horn with a spike in the base. But as I said to anvilman, I know a blacksmith and will be asking him if he can/would make a viking style stump anvil, and what it will cost.
  4. Glenn- That does sound like a good story, I will surely be reading it, and many more! I am homeschooled/uschooled so I have nearly too much time on my hands haha. Plenty time for reading. Thanks alot for the tip! Charles- Although I would like to be as close to traditional as possible, I do not think I will be making my own anvil haha. Sure does sound like a good challenge though! I was thinking of making it out of a section of railroad track, or purchasing a pre made stump anvil. Along with the basic tools you mention. Then make the chest myself, as I have some wood working experience as well as books. Thank you very much for the advice!
  5. Hello, as I mentioned in my introduction post (if you read it) I am a 16 yr old aspiring businessman. I currently do wood carvings and leatherwork. But my intention is to have a business entirely dedicated to authentic norse and celtic works. And I wish to add blacksmithing, among other things, to my works. (Back to my post topic) I already have an understanding of forge, bellow, and anvil set up/construction. And from what I understand, the actual shop is a medium sized, 3 walled "barn". With the forge and anvil in the center or off to the side (and under a chimney to allow any smoke to escape). But what I would like some help on is the actual tools. All I can find on the Internet is a bunch of picture if a couple tools, but not of a full set of tools. If you can help me find a picture/list or if you already know and could tell me, I would greatly appreciate it. Then I could make a shopping list of tools and some books to begin my journey of learning the art of blacksmithing. Thanks in advance!!!
  6. Hello, my name is Hunter , I'm a 16 year old aspiring businessman. I'm currently a wood carver and learning leather worker. I am new to blacksmithing, and will take in any and all advice given to me.
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