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  1. I considered adding weight on my cam opposite the linkage but I read other posts that said its difficult to actually balance out the hammer weight and wasn't really worth it. I understand what you mean about the hammer continuing on a bit after disengaging the clutch. I might try adding some weight and see how it performs.
  2. I need to do some more work on flattening the face on the left side of the anvil, and play with the height of the hammer, but all in all it seems to be working pretty good other than the hot motor issue. I still have to stiffen the base plate with angle iron as Frosty suggested as well.
  3. I started working a piece of hot metal this past weekend and I noticed the motor is getting hot...like to hot to keep my bare hand on for more than a second. Do you think this is from overworking the motor or cutting off the motor when I'm not hammering and the fan not having a chance to cool down the motor? I didn't want to put extra wear and tear on the belt, but should I leave it running for a while?
  4. Thomas, there's 11" between the back edge of the anvil and the frame. I considered mounting at an angle, but since I make mostly hawks and knives I decided it wasn't really going to be an issue. I'm also curious how the anvil works out. I broke the pig iron window sashes into 2" pieces and packed in tight in a pattern sort of like rounds in a revolver. Frosty, I really like the idea of adding angle iron stiffeners to the base. Thanks for that. I'll probably leave the pad setup as is for now and see what happens though just to be stubborn ; )
  5. Oak would have been great and I have a bunch curing, but it was too wet for this project. My neighbor gave me a pile of 6X6 posts, so I decided to use those. The upright is actually mortised through the floor plate and into the 4X4 pallet on the bottom. I am planning on adding a sheet metal shield for the motor, so no argument there! It's been a fun build but I'm anxious to start working with it and see how it performs. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.
  6. Well you've probably seen the Rusty or the Dusty, so I call this one the Woody. I do both wood and metal work, so I thought it would be fun building a power hammer out of both. I haven't hammered any metal yet, but it seems to be running pretty good. Let me know what you think. I have to figure out how to copy the link proper. Worked when I cut and pasted it in the address bar.
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