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  1. I am located in Northern-Western Massachusetts. Sorry I should have said this earlier. Thank you caintuckrifle for telling me to.
  2. John R That is a great idea, going to shops that rebuild hammers for help. Thanks. I am going to have to look for some. Also, getting one that works and just making new parts is a good idea too. I am going to have a lot of thinking to do. Mac I am aware how much fabrication can rock. The shop next to mine is metal fabrication. I have spent some time in there in after school hours learning. Also, I fabricat at home..... I do have to say that that is an awesome machine in the picture. Godspeed, Kipp
  3. Paul Well I am going to try and find a hammer to rebuild. Instead of fully building a totally new hammer. Now the examples you showed me are great, but I need a high amount of machining to go into the project. I am majoring in Machine Technologies. So for my senior project/presentation/thesis paper it has to involve machining. The ones you showed me would be better for a metal fabrication major. Thanks though. Godspeed, Kipp
  4. Geoff Thank you for the information about "Pounding Out the Profits". I am going to look into it and see what I can gather from it. I am also going to look around at homebuilt mechanical hammer designs too. Thanks for the help. Ric Thanks for the compliment. I just can't stand where society is going with teaching kids how to write professionally. It is a disgrace. Anyways: I think you are a little confused. From what I took in, you are suggesting for me to rebuild two hammers. Correct? One as my senior project and one for myself. I do get to keep my senior project and I am only allowed to make one thing. After my senior year I will no longer have regular access to my machine shop. So I won't be able to rebuild my "second" hammer, as you are implying. So I need one hammer for me to rebuild as a senior project and I get to keep it to use in my shop. Any new suggestions with this information? Also, I would like the hammer to be over 100 lb. Thanks for the help. Godspeed, Kipp
  5. Well this project will be my senior project at my school. My senior year. After my senior year I will be going to college to double major in engineering. I won't have the time to market and sell the other hammer. I rather rebuild the one I want to use and get it over and done with. So when I come back to my work I can get right at it. Also, I am not sure if I am allowed to sell it, because the school will be paying for a majority of it. I do thank you Patrick for the idea and if all else fails, I will look in to it.
  6. I do plan on reading this site as much as I can. I am now burning coal. When I first started I was using charcoal. The first pic is my new forge, the second is my old one with charcoal, and the third is my old with coal. I can control the blast with my hair dryer. The reason that the picture is so sparky is we just put more fuel on and it was at night. I have used my new forge only a few times, but I have great fire control and heat output. It is better than the old one. Thanks for the tips.
  7. I will be happy with any Nazel, I guess. If you could keep a look out for me that would be great. One thing I want to say is the cheaper the better. Thanks
  8. Thank you guys so much for waking me up. I now realize that building a 4N in my time frame would be impossible and costly. I have determined that rebuilding one to working condition, if I can find one, would be a lot more feasible. Thank you. Now to all those who asked if I have access to machinery for this kind of work. The answer is I do. Also, Jesse James was not a factor in my decision to do such a project. I did not even know he had one. I am not wealthy, to the person who asked. I get to use whatever money the school gives me and what I can make. Monstermetal I am going to use the hammer when finished. I am building a shop with space for this hammer and a few other machines. John I again thank you for your offer and I thank you for all your help. You provided me more info than you think. Now that I have returned to reality, can anyone help me find a hammer to rebuild?
  9. Hello my name is William. I am new here and I wanted to introduce myself to y'all. I am a 15 y.o. living in Western Mass. I am going to school for Machining. I have been blacksmithing for 1 1/2 years. I am so far self taught. I built my first forge and I just fabricated a second one. I smith usually every Friday with a group of friends. We tend not to be very productive. I hoping that will change this year with our "new" 200lb anvil. We had a 30lb before. We don't have a shop yet. We do it in my driveway. I am hoping to learn something from all of you and to share my progress in my smithing career with you. Some pics of what we have so far (there is some more to it just have not kept up with pictures):
  10. Thank you for the offer John, but I prefer how the Nazel is set up. Also, when I reach my senior year I will have 40-50ish official (I will try to get in the shop on weekends and the year before) days to make the entire thing. Not a lot of time. I rather not have to depend on another person for a part that I do not know I will get in time for my presentation. I hope you can see where I am coming from. If I don't get any other help, I will accept your offer. Thank you.
  11. Hello everyone. I am new to all of this. I am 15 years of age and, so far, have self taught myself blacksmithing. I have been at it for about 1 1/2 years. I built my first forge and I just fabricated a second one. I smith with a group of friends every Friday. I currently do not have a shop (doing it in my driveway), but I am working on getting one built. I attend McCann Technical School where I am majoring in Machine Technologies. When I reach my senior year (I am a freshman) I have to complete a senior project. My teacher have been talk about how the recent seniors have not made anything big for their projects. I am the top student in my class so they said to me, that they expect me to do something big. Well I want to build a Nazel 4N hammer. If anyone could help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated. I any one has full manufacturing drawings and specs of all parts that would be amazing. Any information would help out so much. Thank you for the help in advance.