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  1. just finished a new style kinyon hammer. i used a butterfly valve, mcmaster -carr 9798K33 for the exhaust control valve. works great, everything from light taps to single heavy hits, and everything in between. no check valves. copied foot pedal design from pictures on this site(possibly mike hr). my thanks to those who responded to my questions on valves and choice of compressor.
  2. there is a lot of information but little agreement on an adequate size of compressor for the kinyon hammer. trying to stay within reasonable budget guidelines. looking at 60 gal. two stage or single stage 80 gallon. do i really need a two stage compressor and higher pressure? the single stage units have a higher cfm. i am using the 2 1/2 x 10 air cylinder. thanks for any advice.
  3. thanks for the good information and timely reply.
  4. still confused about which valve to use on the new kinyon hammer. parker has two valves with 3/4 inch ports, one is called an inline single (B834) and the other an inline double(B844). plans call for a norgren valve which according to their catalog is a single with spring return/air pilot. posts here and elsewhere advise not to use a spring return type. at this point i am lost in numbers and terminology i don't have a handle on. any help greatly appreciated.
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