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  1. Hi Doug, Oh well, nothing fancy, First I use a steel-brush on the surface, then I heat to 200C in the kitchen owen and apply generously of melted beeswax. When still hot I wipe off the excess wax and buff it with a cotton cloth The edges are grinded to shape with grit paper (wet 80 - 1200) then polished further with paste on a woll felt buff wheel (hard felt). Quite a job but the polished steel gives a brutal contrast to the rough dark surface... The polished surface may wear out by time but in case I always let my customers a "re-polish for free" B) (Normally not needed, but in some cases I treat with diluted phosphoric acid (H3PO4) for 24h before first steel-brushing.) Though the oval bowl will never be on sale because the beautifully rusted sheet I found in the scrapyard was ... hadfield steel, not only hard to drill and machine, it also tends to get that reddish surface (Yea, rust). Guess that's visible in the picture, hardly removed by phosphoric acid, red when dried again :rolleyes: ... heh
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