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  1. BP0235 Knife Finishing COPY

    truely a work of art bothe knives are the buisness
  2. Beginner Want To Build A Backyard Foundry

    it sounds and is very interesting that there seems to be so many pitfalls in smelting non ferrus metals i think i have a lot to learn and read about .sand casting .but as a begginer im all eyes and ears . im sure im in good hands with your knowledge if you dont mind passing a little my way thank you
  3. new member

    were do i get rigidizor of the internet is that the name what i look for cheers
  4. new member

    hello guys im just starting to build a propane gas furnace . im an absolute begginer so might need some help later on ive put 2 burners in my furnace and just working on the turning hindge i.ll put some photoes of build on later on im using ceramic wool as insulation is this a problem or should i be using refactory cement any comments welcomed cheers