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  1. Makes perfect sense. I'll try and get my pictures to load, so you all can see. Again, I appriciate the help.
  2. I appriciate everyone's comments and help. Like I said, I'm no expert, as I'm a weekend worrior, and make mostly hardware (hinges, oxen yolk hardware, hooks, fireplace sets and the like). I'm all for leaving it alone, i just would like some schooling in the "sway". theory. Thanks again, John
  3. I guess I'd like to have close to the same type of surface I'm used to? It seems as if nobody thinks anvils should be messed with? I'll get the chisel marks out and give it a whack...to see if I can get get used to it. Just out of curiosity, if a little sway is good, do people actually dish their anvils out on purpose? I'm no expert, but I have been pounding for a while, and have been to many shops. I don't recall anyone along the trip saying that a sway backed anvil was better than a flat one. What am I missing?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I tried to upload photos, but I keep getting an error. I guess I'm used to my old 120lb Wilkinsen that has about 1/4" round over near and far. This one's close face is about 1/2" round and the far about 3/8 with a few small chips. I want the top ground as it has some shallow chisel marks, and and about a 1/16" sway in the middle. I can do it with an angle grinder, but my friend can get it dead level.
  5. Good morning all, In just purchased a Hay Budden that has some pretty serious chisel test scars on both sides. I was able to made out a couple of letters, but for the most part I cant get too much info off it. According to the scale its just shy of 200lbs and has an 1 1/8" hardie. It sounds great and doesnt have too much wrong with it, bu the sides are a bit too rounded for me and the top needs to be resurfaced. It looks like the waist was welded, so I'm assuming its a lter model without a tool steel plate top. That being said, I have a friend who has a large surface grinder who will flatten the top for me, and I'll have him do that. My question is : if the whole top half of the anvil is hardended, do i need to worry about how much is taken off before I get out of hard steel?
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