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  1. Thank you. That's what I was thinking of: a furnace heated with something like a water heater coil (though would prob. have to be hotter), and a thermostat to regulate the temperature. This way it doesn't matter when I pull the material out of the "oven". problem is I have zero experience with any type of oven/furnace construction (water heater coils for instance would fail horrendously when not submerged in liquids, right?). So I hope somebody could steer me in the right direction and might help with the design. Thomas
  2. Hello All, new to this forum and lovin' it! I'm planning on fabricating a large driveway gate out of aluminum and was wondering what the best way would be to heat the aluminum at a steady temperature of 750-900 deg. F. I'm guessing right now that natural and propane gas usually burn at a higher temperature thus start sputtering when dialed down. I have a large quantity of scrolls and leaves to forge so the constant watching of the aluminum is not an option. Steady temp is a must. Would an electronic oven make more sense than an open flame forge? Any info greatly appreciated, Thanks, Thomas