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  1. Joe Young

    20140724 185509

    My saltfork swage block arrived yesterday so I decided to try a lily. The half rounds worked great for rolling it up! Made out of 1/8th inch plate. Took a while cutting templates out of paper plates to get it how I wanted it before forging.

    © Smokey Bay Forge

  2. Tablet stand I made for my wife. She loves it.

    © Joseph Young, Smokey Bay Forge

  3. Tried this twist for the first time on this bottle opener. Through extensive research and development I can say it works flawlessly.
  4. Joe Young

    Curtain Hardware

    It bends down 90 degrees with 2 punched and countersunk holes. Finished with beeswax.
  5. Joe Young

    Curtain Hardware

    This is one of 4 curtain hold backs I made for my Wife. Worth at least a few points! ;)

    © Youngs Forge, Homer AK

  6. Frosty, I have used this trick at work to heat exterior equipment panels (Cold sensitive monitoring equipment) that I don't want to get too hot. I use a 6" by 10" 1/8" steel plate to dispers the heat from a magnetic block heater, that way I don't get too much heat in one spot. Im thinking mabye the plate and 2 block heaters turned on a few hours before I light the forge. Perhaps the plate isn't needed. Francis, I was absolutly disgusted with the rivet by second swing! Oh well, live and learn.
  7. I'm thinking bolt tongs next.
  8. Handles are too short but the jaws work great! I can't wait to make Pair number 2. The forge is in an un-insulated building currently at 15 degrees. Doesn't give you much time between heats. Maybe it will warm up this weekend. 40 degrees would feel like a heat wave!
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