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  1. thanks every one. I like the movable "pallet" idea. I'm sure I'll have more questions. And I'll post pics, of course! It's there a forum just for power hammers you know of?
  2. Greetings all, Picking up my first hammer in a few days. 25 Lb lg.I live in Joshua tree,ca. high dessert so sand soil. Also putting right next to house garage, out side. I am guessing/hoping a 3'x3'x3' concrete foundation should keep it in place, with rebar frame inside too. Then some kind of rubber mat under hold down bolts. How this sound? Thanks for your time.
  3. yea, i put the brakes on for a little more info and ideas. getting together with others soon to get a best plan a, b, and c..... thanks so far
  4. i have a fire hydrant and a several thousand gallon tank on site, just have to go check valve. will let you know what happens, thanks for input.
  5. greetings, i have read for an hour or so on some of the past posting, got allot of info an laughs. i think i have a plan, but thought i should share and see what all you others thought. i will be getting 2 anvils back in a week or so that will have new 4140 plates welded to them. anvils are both under 100lbs and i will have help getting them moved around { with some fabricated tongs to hold it, or a lever and fulcrum}. i plan on using a coal forge for all heating. i plan on using tempi sticks to get to temps for normalize, harden and temper. i have read that both water or oil can be used for quenching, so water is the choice and i have a 50 gallon container for it. i will agitated the water with a couple of paint mix paddles to keep the water flowing around the anvil. the normalizing and hardening seem straight forward enough, but the tempering might be a little tricky, as i need to watch the colors run during the tempering, and the anvil will be upside down and such--maybe not that big a deal-we will see. have any of you seen or done this process? thanks
  6. Greetings all, new here , and as usual, i can't put it down. just looking so far, will share in time to come. was woundering why i can't see any blueprints from the 300 to 500 series. is this "norm" right now, or is it something else. thanks for all every one has shared.
  7. is this the phil that was at vista, ca. cba event. alex b. here, i was the guy staying in the back of my truck and made the "sculpture" branch going thru the chain link fence. if so, i just found this forum and your profile, kind of hard to tell if you from the side view and the beard, but odn't think to many phils in on your island who do blacksmithing. any way, did you get the post vise home on the airplane? saw your article in the cba paper also, i had one in there too,what a trip. any way hope all is well. alex b.