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  1. If you had access to an MRI, you could let the super magnet pull it out. :lol: I don't have a serious answer though. Sorry!

    One day at the old job I was lacking sleep and had a foggy head and got a metal sliver. So I asked one of the mechanics if he had a fine pair of needle nose pliers to pull it out with. Anyway he told me just to use a magnet to bring it out. He had me there for nearly ten mins before I was able to work out just how much he was BSing me. Not one the brighter moments but it made that Monday go by faster for everyone else

  2. Always good to recycle stuff! If I may let me suggest something for when this one breaks...that is if it ever does.

    On the side you are not going to use as the cutter cut the sharp edge off to the thickest section of the blade, this will protect your anvil face. Then cut a notch the width of your hardie shank up to the hole that is in the middle of the blade. Place the hardie shank into the notch you have just cut and weld up both sides. This will give you more welded area to the hardie shank and shorten the hieght of the hot cut and eliminat the need of the 2 nuts.

    Keep recycling your steel! If it goes to the scrap yard most likely it will end up in China!

    i thought of cutting the second edge of but the torches are out of propane, and i will admit to being lazy that day and wanting to get back to forging :unsure: , so i didn't want to find blades for the grinder, whatever its made of its some tough steel :rolleyes:
  3. two years ago, when we were harvesting grain and sent a kinfe through the blower and chute into the wagon. so no big deal fixed everything replaced the knives, found a couple chunks, threw them into the scrap pile. well this past weekend i was searching through it and found the smallest piece that we found. grab a chunk of inch hollow tube for a stake, a pair of nuts off some 7/8" silo loop rods. welded it all together because the knife is double sided so if you do wear one side down chopping you can just turn it around and keep going, so i welded the nuts onto that bottom edge in order to save my anvil face. this is my end result. im pretty happy with it, i don't think i will ever need to replace it unless my welds break and i have had enough practice that they shouldn't. anyway what do yall think?


  4. I have never tried to make any but if you are in my area i have an old set i will give you if you can pick them up in Renfrew.


    thanks bob, but renfrew is about six hours from me, and half the appeal is making something i can put to use.
  5. anyone ever try making a pair? i had to hang my tree stand last fall and trying to climb the tree wasn't real fun wearing work boots. i was thinking a relatively high carbon metal for the actual spur but just mild for the leg braces?

  6. yeah im not expecting much of it, but hey it was free and if its handy once or twice then i think it will be worth having the thing around. i was thinking mainly for tong jaws to have lessmtime spent making them even

  7. a year or two back i got a little press from the scrap at school, and today i managed to finaly get looking at it and i thought i would need to replace the screw. started to disassemble everything to take an assesment on any damage, once the grime and rust was loosen it turned very nice and the missing threads on the screw didnt bother it, greased everything up and re-assembled then started debating how i wanted to use it. i settled on making a holder that it can fit into and put a hardy shank on it then make another holder for mounting on a bench



  8. well i guess i will give an update.

    i started out with 3/4'' galvanized round rod from silo rings. forged it into the shape i wanted, punched my hole, did alittle re-shaping of the jaws, tried making a rivet and messed up a little too often. so i grabbed a bolt and put it through one blank, got it into the other blank and heated to orange, and made the other head. they are some of the uglyiest things you will ever see but i think they should work which is all i care about at this point. going to weld some reins on rather then draw them out by hand.

    thank you for the help regarding my question.

    NOTE**- i do not recommend using galvanized steel, i have had metal fume fever before it wasn't severe but not something i want again. it was a risk to use it

  9. the key chain i had broke the other day so i figured i needed another one. started out making a leaf and screwed up a couple times and on the 4th or 5th time i thought i would make a little horse shoe instead. used 1/2" round rod drawn down, about 3-4" started to flatten and then i cut it off. rolled the one end for the ring, and hit it with a starter punch and chisel for the line and nail holes. fairly happy with how it turned out for a first one




  10. as it says got a new anvil for christmas, bigger then what i've been using but its still light enough that i can pick it up and set it down. i have photos but the gallery seems to be down at this time so they will have to wait i guess. the marking on the side says solid wrought. 1 1 18 and a bunch of what looks like chisel marks


    - 1 to change the bulb
    - 1 to post and announce that the bulb was changed
    - 14 to share similar experiences and to show new ways to change lightbulbs
    - 7 to warn of dangers arising from changing lightbulbs
    - 27 to correct grammatical errors that appeared in posts about changing lightbulbs
    - 53 to make fun of those who corrected the grammar mistakes
    - 2 professionals to specify that the term is incorrect, it should be called a "lamp"
    - 15 who allegedly worked in the field and the word "lightbulb" is as correct as "lamp"
    - 109 who say that the forum is not about lightbulbs and the discussion should be moved to a forum about lightbulbs
    - 111 who say that as long as all use lightbulbs, the discussion is useful on the forum
    - 306 to discuss which are the best ways to change the lightbulbs, which are best, where you can buy and how much they cost.
    - 27 to post links to sites where they can see various models of lightbulbs
    - 14 to say that the links are incorrect and post the correct ones
    - 33 to quote what was posted up in the thread and answer each one with "ME TOO"
    - 6 to correct users and push them to use the forum search function
    - 12 to post to the forum they finally quit because of divergences on the subject about lightbulbs
    - 143 to say "search on Google first and if you can not find anything about lightbulbs then ask on the forum"
    - 16 posts where two members discuss something totally different than the subject at hand
    - 24 posts that are indications to use private messaging or e-mail
    - 1 moderator to warn that if this does not stop he will close the topic
    - 1 new member of the Forum responds 6 months after the last post and all starts again from the beginning

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