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  1. kgblacksmith

    Colonial toaster

    An interesting variation of other toasters I've seen- you evidently really enjoy forge welding!
  2. How do I mount a cast iron firepot in a brick forge? I'm replacing an old firepot, so I don't need to do any major rebuilding. What I really want to know is do I need to use any special kind of mortar, like chimney cement or refractory, or can I use ordinary mortar? How long do I need to let the mortar dry before I can use the forge?
  3. Took a closer look at the side of the anvil, and it looks like the remains of a "Trenton" brand stamp. Either way, the anvil looks to be in good shape.
  4. Nice anvil! Looks like a Hay-Budden, but I can't be sure. How much does it weigh, and how much does it cost? Usually Ebay is not the greatest place to get blacksmith's tools- too much money, too much junk.
  5. Thanks for all of your responses. The forge I use is in a Colonial living history museum, with a bellows for blast. I tried mixing a little anthracite with some soft coal I have left and it worked okay. Since I didn't get a majority of negative responses, I'll try playing around with it and see how it works for me. Thanks again for your help!
  6. Has anyone successfully used anthracite coal in their forge? I had some well-intentioned non-blacksmiths give me some, and I don't think it will work.