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  1. I've researched this so far. "If you see what looks to be a relief of a Badger within an oval, it would be a Badger (American Skein and Foundry Co. of Racine, WI). If for sale snatch it up at almost any reasonable price as this would be a very, very rare anvil. The other American anvil considered to be rare is the Samson. After the manufacturing of Trentons moved to Cleveland, OH, one of the former owners continued to make anvils in Trenton, NJ calling them Samsons."
  2. I Smith as hobby, and collect. This was my outside beater anvil because I thought it was a nothing anvil. It's going to most likely turn into my indoor beater anvil now. Lol
  3. Just picked this 128 lb Samson in a trade. I didn't know what it was until...well now. I guess it will be moved in doors, lol.
  4. I'm looking at pics, and it is indeed a Samson! They're even welded at the waist and everything. Apparently these are pretty rare? I'm reading there are only two others known in existence? Does anybody have any other info?
  5. Does anybody have a pic of the bottom of a Brooks anvil? Curious to see if it's marked on the bottom in the same fashion.
  6. Also, It appears to have a tool steel top. Does anybody know if there any other manufacturers that have the forged tops and cast based?
  7. It does have a brooks look to it. Would you know if they were ever welded in the waste area? Unless this was a repair done in the past.
  8. I initially suspected this of being a cheap knock off, but in comparison to my other anvils (HB,PW & Fisher) its right there in performance. Took a little digging around but I found a bottom pic. Appears to have the weight on the bottom.
  9. There are no markings that I could find. It was dark by the time I got home, but I took pics anyway. Not sure if they help or not. Also, that's grease i keep on top to protect the bare metal.
  10. Also, it doesn't have the square holes (i believe used for tooling in the manufacturing process) under the horn and heel. Could it be a Kohlswa?
  11. Thanks!! I was extremely doubtful of the repair integrity so the leg is actually bolted on, and then welded over. I then aged it in my electrolysis tank to add some texture and pits. Then I cleaned and painted it for protection (outside anvil). I was pretty happy on how it came out.
  12. This is how I got it, and later made a new leg for it. Let me know if this helps. If not, ill get more pics tomorrow when its light out.
  13. I got this anvil in a trade, and don't know much about it. When received it was not painted and has no markings besides a 27 underneath of it. It looks like it has a weld at the waist, but looks like a manufacturer weld. It weighs about 127 lbs. Rings like a bell, and has great rebound. Any info is a appreciated, thanks.