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  1. Charv

    Clays anvil_3

    The anvil we made for clay using donated I beam and my plasma cutter
  2. Charv


    New Hawk I made from Rasp
  3. Charv


    New Hawk from rasp
  4. Charv

    New tongs

    This a new set of tongs I created. I made these after visiting Bill Epps last week.
  5. Charv

    scrolling tongs

    I made these scrolling tongs after watching Bill Epps work on a set of tongs (which he was kind enough to give to me)
  6. Charv

    candle holders

    These are a set of holders I made a few weeks ago. some good practice of smithing techniques.
  7. Charv

    My knife

    This knife is made from 1095 and ironwood (I was told). I always sell my knives so I said this one would be my knife.
  8. Charv

    new knife

    This is the first knife from my new shop in Shreveport. 1095 with (I think) burly maple slabs and mosaic pins.
  9. Charv

    new shop

    The end of work Thursday (Jan. 11 2007)
  10. Charv

    New Shop

    The start of the new shop in Shreveport
  11. Charv

    walking stick

    This is the walking stick I made I turned the wood from an old sledge handle. the top was forged from a rr spike.
  12. Charv

    top of walking stick

    This is the top of the walking stick I made, i put a copper rivet in the top epoxied it all in place and wire brushed it. It gave the top a noce copper color. Visit our ebay store "ourfireflyranch" to see some of the other things Ihave made & some beautiful art work from Su. Thanks
  13. Charv

    art show

    This is me at my first art show. Had alot of fun that night. I thing I sold something but cant remember ( the wine flowed pretty freely that night :) )
  14. just doing some work & having fun
  15. Charv


    another pointy object I made
  16. Charv


    Door knocker by Charv
  17. Charv


    Just wanted to post a pic of my little girl(now 15) A bet the ones that know me wonder how such a pretty thang came from me? We all do at least 1 thing right in our lives :) Charv
  18. Charv


    Dagger I made for my daughter in Germany
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