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  1. Old work anvils?? Got a website? Or did you mean oldworldanvils.com ?
  2. Thank you wolverine.
  3. only an hour..? huh you must be not to far south of albany.. that isn't far... that is way more feasible... knives85 i will have to research the area to see if i can find scrap yard.. there is A1 in albany ny.. i sold a car to them for $400 once , for scrap metal..i'll start there..
  4. I have no experience smithing... thanks for the invite, if i ever am able to drive down that way i will definitely hit you up on here.. i live near Exit 15 off of I87... so it would be a bit of a drive... i think i should start as simple as i can .. and learn the fundamentals and hone basic skills for a few years.. before i reward myself with better equipment...i feel like i need to earn it..i feel like i need to learn to do it with bare minimums....
  5. nice, thanks guys....I'd say the general consensus is, that one burner is more than enough.
  6. thank you very much.... i think i will cross that bridge when i come to it.. the sword bridge that is...stick with quirky art and knives for a couple years...thanks for the tips
  7. nice, I actually live not too far from ya...Gary... I bought a house in Corinth.... Originally from the Pottersville/ Schroon Lake Area I would love to come check things out ... when I can manage the time.. Thanks for the tip Larry...I will check it out. I appreciate the replies....
  8. Hello everyone, My name is Beau, I am from (up)Upstate New York in the Southern Adirondacks.. I'm married with a 6 mos old son. Avid adventurer, Backpacking,mountaineering, kayaking. Spent half my life thus far in Wyoming. Took an interest in metal work out west, where I took an adult Boces course on machining and welding.. I loved MIG welding , started to get the hang of Stick welding (it was still ugly) and really struggled with TIG. Played around with torches, and plasma cutters. I also had a lot of fun with the lathes.. he taught us how to grind out our own cutting tool bits, in fa
  9. that's good to hear... single burner are cheaper. i am not in the position to make my own yet.. someday i might want to do that.. but i want to get a handle on using them for a couple years... then i might know what i am looking to get out of my forge , and can make a more sound decision regarding design. i was looking at the diamondback forges.. they seem to be the cheapest i can find .. single burner knife forge $350 thanks for the reply.
  10. oh no , i am not opposed to a used anvil.. i saw some on craigs list,, they were banged up though...i'll keep searching... do you know of good places to find used anvils?
  11. I figured, i just don't have the dough to drop 1000 bucks on an anvil , ya know?.... Has anyone had any experience with cliff carol anvils?
  12. Hello, I plan on learning to work steel on a little knife making forge. and then begin to make knifes and small art. Can someone enlighten me as to the pro's and cons of 1 burner vs. 2 burners. I am assuming it is more evenly heated over a greater surface area? Eliminating hot spots. Would one burner suffice, or would it be more of a headache than it is worth?
  13. Hello all, What would you recommend for a knife making anvil? By that, I mean weight wise? 77lb? More? Thanks
  14. Ok, I see what you mean. That does make sense. The answers will present themselves. I did plan on going the knife route for a few years.. I was just curious. Thank you for the reply.
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