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  1. Thanks. Knowing where it comes from and how it's made is cool. I appreciate the info.
  2. Hi folks, I picked up this anvil yesterday and after a quick scrub found 2 0 4. I don't see any other marking, yet. Identification isn't necessary, but i am curious. It still has nice ping and spring... Thanks for any info or mythologies on the heelless anvil. Cheers, Bryan
  3. It is 3 5/8 wide and 32" long with the handle, and the socket runs straight out of the chisel. A reader on another sight mentioned that slicks with a straight socket had enough "rocker" on the bottom of the blade to compensate. If that is the case with my slick, then it met with some unfortunate honing with a previous owner! Anyway, I pan to put in a vise heat the base of the socket. Then put an old handle in and adjust it 3 degrees. Sounds pretty basic, we'll see. Cheers
  4. Hello everyone. I have a very old framing slick with a socket that needs to be bent to a useable angle. There is a stamp on the blade saying cast steel. Can I bend this like mild steel? Are there any special precautions I should take? Really, the body of the slick looks like all of the other old chisels, wrought iron. Thanks for any suggestions, Bryan
  5. Thanks everyone. You have saved me considerable time and surface damage to this project. I have about two pounds of old cut nails, from houses I've worked on, that I'll be picking through to pound and clinch the panels with. There will be six rivets in the radius top that I will match to some pyramid decorative screws used in the rail and stile joints. I appreciate the enthusiasm, too!
  6. That's what I needed to see! Thanks EWC. That's one xxxx of a piece of hardware Alan.
  7. Hello everyone, I am very green to metalwork. I have a question regarding one of the most basic tasks, riveting. I am making a white oak door for a neighbor. She wants it to look like something from Tolkien, and I'm excited because it challenges me to learn a lot fast. The door has a full radius top, and I would like to fasten the doors parts with rivets. Is this a task where the cold rivet comes into play? I have a bunch of wrought iron gate parts I could use, and it seems to move easy enough. What is the proper way to rivet wood without scorching it? Thanks for any advise/experience.
  8. Curious if anyone out there has made something like a Sherman Necktie. I have a section of spur-track that I would like to bend into a U for a table base ( a 20' piece that I will cut to size after bending). I've seen a video where a guy tempered an anvil with an in-ground forge. Looked pretty simple... I think it would be feasible to do the same thing with the track, but I am also fairly bold with ignorance. I would definitely appreciate any insights, experiences, or history on the practice before I commit a considerable amount of coal (finite resource here in Charleston) to the project. Thanks
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