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  1. Thanks Tim and Jon, I took the motor to Severn Rewinds and they told me it had some earth leaks and needed a rewind, they quoted £1524 to do it based in 3 days work. I did wonder if it might be worth just wiring it up and seeing what happens (whilst standing back and switching it on with a long sick)?
  2. Hi Just wondered if anyone can help. I need a new motor for my 1949 Massey 2CWT hammer. Unfortunately someone has nicked the plates off the old motor, so I don't know what the HP/KW or RPM should be. Can someone tell me what I need to me looking for so I can look for a replacement and hopefully avoid the £1,500 cost of a rewind! Any help or old motors would be very much appreciated. Thanks Ben
  3. Hi Iron Woody, I haven't tried it yet, still need to move workshop, build inertia block, finish restoring hammer and get 3phase installed. So should be quite soon!
  4. Successfully managed to get the valve out. I pulled three top sections from the top and drove the rest down through the bottom. It was held in with a ring of rust around one on the lower sections.lots of acetone and ATF worked a treat.
  5. Thanks John and everyone else, I think It might be a broken valve as I found a small thin piece of broken cast iron in the sump when I drained the oily sludge (along with a broken split pin and a large washer !?). I will try soaking with the wonder penetrating oil and then disassemble. Will post photos if anyone's interested......
  6. Thanks DClaville and JNewman, mine has a linkage but no spring? due to it being seized would you recommend trying to drive it out from the bottom with a hide or copper hammer or trying to press it out with a bottle jack?
  7. Hi Can anyone help? I have recently acquired a 2CWT Massey clear space hammer. The hammer has lived out side in the elements for the past 16 years and is currently undergoing something of a refurbishment. I've managed to free most of the stuck parts but have become stuck with a sticking (stuck) valve. I can unscrew the top nut and drop the spindle as far as it will go within the machine. There is another nut at the top but some enterprising bod in the past has hammered (peined) the protruding thread so is difficult to remove. Can anyone help with the correct way to remove the control valve assembly for renovation and refitting? See attached photos.....