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  1. Hey guys, Thanks for the responses. I think I'll follow some of your suggestions on projects to make. I went to home depot today and bought $100 worth of tools/materials for this. Some hammers, vice grips (No tongs and the metal in the forge is too hot for my hand!), a couple chisels etc. I can't wait to get something hot and beat the devil out of it. I'll probably start off doing such ambitious things as turning a square rod into a round one, and then back into a square rod, then making some of it wider, then some longer, then maybe make it look like an S. I think my first 'real' project will be to do this: copyrighted photo removed Tong Article I'm a little worried about the riveting and I still need to find a punch and 'drift', and I'll be buying a bench vise before then, perhaps I'll get lucky and get a leg vise soon. I read one Charles McRaven's books, "Country Blacksmithing" cover to cover and loved every page. I'll order this book too. Yeah I knew when I bought it that it wasn't a great anvil, but it'll have to do until I get lucky enough to find a great one. Even then it can be a travel anvil or a gift to a blacksmithing newbie like I. I also don't like trying to buy the best things at first in these types of adventures, as if I would be able to 'buy' my way into mastering something. If anyone in the metro detroit area has a #300 anvil they don't want, let me know! Thanks for the kind words. I found quite a few commercial steel places nearby me, and will probably shop around the area for them. Once I get more experienced with the area's junkyards and steel shops I won't have to pay top dollar for steel, but for now I'll have to try to find some mild steel I can hammer with. I hope I can use my new angle grinder to perform this. I don't have access to a belt sander yet, and every one has been expensive >$1000 so I'm stuck with the angle grinder. Thanks again for all the informative posts. I can't wait until I am able to set up shop and start putting to practice what I've been studying the last few months.
  2. Backstory: Got interested in blacksmithing this summer and have read several books and have been seeing what's out there in my area as far as tools/materials etc. I couldn't start because of the location I live in, so I decided to move to a house in a wooded area with an elderly lady. This is in South Lyon, Michigan. Once I made that decision I went and picked up what I hope doesn't end up as an ASO from Harbor Freight. anvil And have ordered the parts to make a propane forge from Zoeller forge I am also acquiring a bench grinder and angular grinder and am collecting other various tools and safety gear to get started. I move in January and will be spending most of my free time (I work full time) on my new lifelong hobby. I am also going to be attending a welding class when I can, the two community colleges near me have around 10 welding classes that are all full, but maybe I can squeeze in. I also joined Michigan's blacksmithing association: MABA, Michigan Artist Blacksmith's Association and will be making the trip to go to the next party. I am overwhelmed by the number of blacksmithing blue prints and projects out there and don't know where to begin, since so many require specialized tools I don't have. I do not have a lot of money, but I do have a budget set aside for blacksmithing. Unfortunately that small budget is matched with a list of items that I 'need' that is quite long. My question is this: with these tools (anvil, forge, bench grinder, angle grinder, store bought hammers) what projects would you suggest someone like me with zero smithing experience do?
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