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  1. I am not saying I would walk the RR I know that's wrong but I have a retired friend who is a part-time rail inspector and thought if the coal would have any value he could grab me some. Maybe he could get me some plate or other scrap.
  2. new to smithing and forum lots of good info. have have gonr through and read a lot but have not seen a answer for my question.I went to my first meeting last weeek. My question the other day I went for a ride and do a little photography and there is a old cement factory shut down about 1970 i walked aroud took some pics and found coal laying around i cpuld pick up several bags. Since this was a industry do you think they used cheap stuff. It is shiney and fist size or smaller. I checked the forum and could not find anything dealing with a find like this. Also is it worth walkin a rail line. I live in western Va and a lot of coal cars go through here goin to the ports . Thanks Bobby