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    woodworking, wood turning, mountain biking, rock & ice & mtn. climbing, & want to add blacksmithing to my hobbies
  1. Hey Ridge - thanks for the "welcome" & glad I found this site. Can't wait to learn. I did add my location - that was a good idea. I'll be back David
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64389P8_r78&feature=player_embedded thanks for the info on the flux. I'm also glad you pointed out the carbon steel wedge - I thought that's what it was, but was not sure. Check out another one & for sure how does he have any hair left?? Well done vid's & his tools look great! Hope to get good enough to make some tools myself one of these days.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPgESIYOVGI&feature=player_embedded I'm a newbie (2nd post) & ran across this on a WWing forum & thought it was awesome & very inspiring. I can't wait to take my smithin class. Have any of yall seen it? What is the powder he puts on the steel? & what does it do? Thx David
  4. it sounds like the same guidelines as my WWing benches - low for some & higher for other task. I think I'm close to that. Thanks, Thomas! David
  5. & that is what I'm going to do. My buddy is excited about his as well. We both can't wait to get started & I can tell this craft will occupy lots of my time in the future. My wife & I hope to retire in about 8-10 years and move to our property in CO. I'm in the process of converting our barn into my woodworking shop, but now I MUST have a blacksmith area. Move over jointer... : ) BTW - is there a general rule for the height of your anvil? I currently have mine on a stump that puts it about 38" high (forearm is about level when the hammer hits the anvil). Thanks A Bunch! for the welcome & all the advise David
  6. sorry about my lame attempt @ my 1st pic posting (anywhere), but finally got a couple posted. So what do ya think about my good deal anvils? Thx David
  7. not sure how I got one of the pic's posted, but not the other??
  8. Hey Frosty - my 1st pic posting... or at leats working on it & thanks for the help journey333
  9. here are a couple of pic's ...I hope anyway. 1st time to post a pic
  10. Thanks a bunch for the advise everyone - I appreciate it. & thanks for the welcome Frosty! I was leaning towards the complete, non-damaged one & this will comfirm it. I know my buddy will love either one. & I will keep my eyes open for the next great deal... I'll be back asking questions as I try & learn this craft. Thanks Again! David
  11. Hi IFI - I'm no smith, but would like to learn soon. This is my 1st post. A buddy & I have found a guy local that teaches blacksmithing & plan on taking a class or more. Given that, I've been looking for anvils & other tools at estate sales & auctions. About 4 years ago, I got a 150 lb anvil at an antique auction from England. Not may people @ the auction that night so there was only one other guy bidding on the anvil. I got it for $120. The base of the anvil looks a bit crude & the only mark is "MADEnENGLAND". This one is complete & the top surface is in better shape. The other anvil is a Peter Wright that I got at an E-sale a couple of weeks ago for $125. The heel is broken off at the back edge of the hardi (sp?) & someone welded plate steel across the gap to enclose the hardi. The surface on the PW has been abused more than the other. The edges are more rounded & battered, there is a dish in the main area, the horn has a dished warn area as well (farrier?). The PW weighs approx. 163 lbs broken so it must have been 175 - 180 lb? I was told the most important thing is the rebound & to drop a ball bearing from 10" and should get 80 - 90% rebound for a good anvil. I got over 9" for both & appear to have equal rebound. If it wasn't my best friend, I'd have 2 anvils (for now), but he is & I'm going to pass the other one to him for what I paid. The PW has a VERY high pitch ring that would get very old after a while & the ring sounds a bit odd (??? but I really don't know??) towards the end of the horn around the wear area? I understand a ring is good, but then you have to muffle it? If it were you, which would you keep? In a way, I'd love to keep the PW, but wish it was not broken and repaired. Not sure if the repaired hardi will work? I'm leaning towards the "MADEnENGLAND" because it's complete, does not have the high pitch ring + I've had it for a few years & I'm attached to it. I do have some pic's of both, but I'm WAY behind the tech curve. Is there anyone I could E-mail the pic's to that would be willing to post for me? Thanks A Bunch for the help! David