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  1. Inspired by Himalayan-imports sirupati http://yhst-73330987...chsirupati.html And the buck hoodlum as well http://www.knifecent...-survival-knife Like my axe idea, I want a brutal critique of this blade. Would you use this as a survival/tactical knife/sword. If so, why? If not why? What would you recommend be changed about the blade? The blade would probably be anywhere from 25-30 inches, weigh about 2-3 pounds and be about 1/3 inch thick. Obviously it would be a carbon steel of some kind. If you have better ideas for the specs of the blade just speak out. I've attached the ske
  2. If I tried to make it I'd probably cut it.
  3. Seeing how well my other post did I decided to share another doodle with you guys. I've noticed the community on here is knowledgeable and nice. Obviously this axe would not make a good tool and possibly not even that good of a weapon. But god would it look good hanging on the wall. Same rules as last time, brutally critique the axe if you want, say it's horrible, says its great, or if you don't want to say anything that's okay too. I attached the file to this post.
  4. Ah! I forgot to mention, I recently looked through my grandpas stuff and has a ton of scrap metal and tools. They may be a bit dated(Nothing a little WD40 won't fix) but there is a bunch of different hammers, files, grinders, metal brushes and forceps. It's Christmas all over again! :)
  5. In all honesty I love drawing more than I love blacksmithing but I still sculpt and mess around with other art forms. As long as I'm creating something with my hands I'm always happy. I've even been accepted to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, you can guess how excited I am for that. I don't really have a mentor, I just have a good buddy of mine that owns a forge and I like what he does. Smithing peeked my interest and I found this forum. And seeing how well this post did I might come up with a few more weapon blueprints.
  6. I'm glad that this post got a lot of support. Sadly I'm just a senior in high school with a very tight budget for college. If someone however wants to take a whack at this design, go ahead.
  7. WOW. I got waaaay more replies than I expected! This is amazing! And I can't help but agree with some people that this thing is mediocre, I understand fully. Thanks so much guys. I've noted everything everyone said. I also forgot to put my inspiration for this weapon. ---> http://www.wowhead.com/item=19874 *Edit* Also some people were taking the zombie phrase a little too seriously, it was a throw off comment. Also I think the blade length would be longer than 15 inches. Now I'm thinking 18-20 ish.
  8. Where did I say I wanted to use tool steel? I said either carbon steal(1045-1095) or 5160 spring steel.
  9. Thanks a bunch. I'm glad you like the design. Also, yeah it is complex it was just a doodle and I was wondering if I could seriously make something like this. But thanks again. :)
  10. I sketched a (not to scale) blueprint of what I want this axe to look like. Hopefully you guys can forgive my crappy hand writing/ art skills. I want it to be about 45-55 inches long. Weight doesn't really matter. I attached the jpg to this post just in case that doesn't work. So I'm asking for a brutal critique of this axe, as a tool and weapon. (Zombies aren't going to kill themselves. ) Also critique, how hard would this be to make? Should I use a different wood for the handle? I like my friends Kabar Kukri with a rubberized handle, should I use a rubberized texture for the handle?
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