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  1. Hi all I've been subcontracted to make 3-4 different sizes (diameter wise) scrolls....about 100 of each size. The biggest material would be 25mm x 10 (or 12mm) thick....smallest would be 25x6. They would fit into gaps about 100mm wide and only the two biggest would flow (be joined) to longer pieces of metal...the smaller scrolls will be mounted with rivets to the big scrolls. The biggest two sizes would most likely get snub ends or fish tails. Making them isn't my main problem....its quoting on how much to charge. I have about 6 weeks to make them all so the Contractor can install them into his work. Any advice on how to charge?....per unit/100 or entire batch? I still have a few days to consider the pricing and would appreciate any and all help Thanks on advance Nic
  2. Greetings to all blacksmiths I got this power hammer almost 3 years ago and am busy rebuilding it. The leaf springs aren't original and are way too stiff for the 50lb head. If anyone out there knows what make this is or has any info on it can you please let me know. It would be much appreciated. I'm in South Africa and haven't been able to find anyone here that knows much about this....