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  1. im ot here for katanas, im into blacksmithing i just havent started anything yet im still 15. i came to this site for blacksmithing not just katanas
  2. no one asked for anyone to be rude. at one time in your life you didnt know what an anvil was, and whoever told you what it was, wasnt rude about it and didnt make smart remarks obviously. otherwise you wouldnt know. and to answer your question i dont even know what that website is but obviously you do. is it becus you have an account there?
  3. yeah i figured you meant the tsuka lol. and okay thanks for the help. and oh, i havve all the pins out right now, would it be a bad idea to like try to cut a tree with it and crack the epoxy loose from the tang? lol
  4. thanks for the help. there isnt any way of maybee heating the whole sword(of course without the saya, and removing the jto from the handle) and melting the epoxy withouth ruining the sword? btw, i know nothing about epoxy, so if epoxy isnt meltable, dont make fun lol
  5. hey guys, im new to the forums and i havent started blacksmithing,yet. but i have a katana by tomahawk(dont ask why) but ive been wanting to take of the tsuba(guard) and the disassemblys been a jerk and the tang wont come out of the tsuka.i eventually out that some katanas have their tangs glued into the tsuka, i fear that this is the case of my katana. ive also heard about a screw under the endcap and also a hook, but neither of these are the case because ive taken off the endcap and there isnt any holes or anything. so i tried to look up the sword that i have and the box it came in sais tomahawk XL 1050 but i couldnt find it anywhere on the internet, only one for sale somewhere but nothing about the sword. so one of the pictures i posete are its tsuba to see if anybody recognises it.anyways, is there any way to still get the blade out or any way to confirm that the tang is glued in, without destroying the katana?(it is my only katana) also, ive taken out the two wooden pugs from the tsuka but there was a third pug and i gouldnt get it out and got fustrated so i just gouged it out with my kunai, and it wasnt even a pug going all the way through. in the center was some type of metal, im guessing the tang, and two smaller pugs were on each side of it in the hole to cover up the metal. this third hole is the last hole by the end cap. the photos are of the last hole.(i know i talk too much)