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  1. beth, I'm working on a book, though I do wish I had the ability to craft guns. I'm trying to figure out a realistic way to combine these metals, but I seem to be hitting an unfortunate dead end... I'm picky when it comes to certain subjects being fictional, and certain subjects sticking with reality. This is unfortunately one of them, haha. ornamentalsmith, Thank you, those links give me an idea of what a combination of the two could possibly look like. I'm not so much looking for the combination of these two decoratively as I'm looking to combine them in a sort of... Symbolic manner? The importance of what the two look like is not nearly as important as how functional the metal would be. I ask what they would look like for descriptive purposes. At this point I'm looking at decorative alternatives... If the metals capability to withstand high internal pressure is going to be compromised by gold, I might have to settle for ornamental purposes.
  2. Thank you everyone for your replies, I have a much better understand of what I'm dealing with now. Kpotter thank you as well, you specifically solved my issue. Since I posted this I keep trying to imagine a way for it to work, but I'm coming up with nothing. I like to stay as close to reality as I can with these kind of things. But it did get me thinking... Steel is made by adding carbon to iron, right? If carbon is added to another metal, like bronze, or copper, does it strengthen it the same way it strengthens iron?
  3. Well, it's not so much the era that's important as it is the firearm. I'm talking about a good ol' revolver. Something like a Colt Python, or a S&W model 66. It's a full metal frame with no polymer!
  4. Obviously this is an easy question for anyone who works with metal. However I am currently writing a book, as I mentioned in the introductions board, and had an idea that has to do with these two metals. I searched around through Google for a while, and Yahoo! Answers as well before I decided that a forum for blacksmiths would be the best place to ask these kind of questions. I'll list my questions line by line below, and thank you for all of your help! Is it possible for gold to be folded into steel while it is being forged? Concerning this question, I'm thinking more along the lines of the gold being added in small amounts as opposed to equal quantities or large amounts. How much gold would be needed to change the quality of the steel as opposed to just changing the color? I realize this is subjective to the amount of steel. Maybe just a percentage would be a good enough answer? How exactly would the gold make its appearance in the steel? Would it blend for an overall color change, marble, speckle, blotch? Would the appearance of the gold depend on how many times the steel was folded and twisted? If it marbles or has any other kind of sporadic coloring, does that mean that the metal is weaker or stronger in those colored areas? Would the steel become weaker, brittle, stronger, more flexible, temperature resistant? Do 3-metal alloys exist? Is this alloy ever used for mechanical objects? If not, would it be suitable for mechanics? Ultimately, how would this alloy compare to iron or gunmetal? Would it be able to withstand the mechanics, high-pressures, and other requirements of a firearm? If you are not sure about any of the last few questions, please speculate but mention it as speculation so that I can decipher between fact and speculation. That can be just as useful to me as an actual answer! Again, thank you for any and all answers!
  5. Hello everyone, Well, first I would like to point out I am not a smith. At least not of metal. I am certainly fascinated by blacksmiths, and have a good friend who works cold metal. That being said, I'm currently working on a novel(word-smith haha), and I have some questions about a possible alloy. A lot of what I write goes into detail, and does involve the work of a smith now and then. So if no one minds my being here you will probably see me drop in a few posts in various sections. I'm off to the alchemy section for my first question!