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  1. I've let run for around 20 mins
  2. Made some more progress of the forge, I still have a few more things to do. This is with 1 burner running at about 20 psi I don't know why my pictures are alway rotated
  3. Frosty, I understand what your saying by have the tip at least halfway across the air intake to start tuning, but like I said, I've tried different lengths from 1/2 to 1/4 and everywhere in between. I can't get it to run to even start tuning. I've deburred the holes after cutting them down. Maybe I need to put on the dunce cap and sit in the corner!
  4. Thanks Frosty, I'll give that a try
  5. I took it out of the T and tried just running the mig tip, it would run as long as I kept the flame on it, but went out when the flame is removed
  6. I've tried various lengths of mig tips, I've tried running without mig tip on and it'll work, I'm using .023 for the 1/2" and .035 for the 3/4", I'm thinking I may need to make the mig tip hole bigger.
  7. I thank all of yall for yalls wisdom and helping out the new people on this forum! I made a little progress on my forge, I cut it down the length from 18" to 14", welded on the burner holders, and built one 1/2" T burner. I've tried running in open air out side the forge and also tried running in the forge, it'll run at low psi but when I turn it up past 5 psi it goes out. I've tried different lengths of mig tips, I've cut about a 1/4" off of one, I think I may need to go a little shorter. The mig tips are .23, overall length of 1". Sorry the pictures are rotated
  8. Your right Frosty, there's no need in experimenting with a proven design, I'm gonna stick with two 1/2" T burners. Sorry for the abbreviations and lack of knowledge. This is my first attempt at building a gas forge, I just want to get it right. Thanks
  9. Do u think it would be ok to run 2 3/4 t burners and run them at a lower psi, or should I run 2 1/2 T burners?
  10. Alright, here's my plan. I plan on cutting down the forge from 18" length to 14" and adding a 4" pass thru hole in the back of the forge for longer material. I figured out with the 2" of blanket it would take it to 6"x10, that should put me at around 300 cu", not sure if I'm gonna use 1/2" t burner or a 3/4" t burner.
  11. Ok, thanks I must have misread or this is a different burner, on the 6" nipple do u leave the threads on or cut down to 6"? And on the mig tips, are they tapered tweeco?
  12. What about the 3/4 t burner
  13. We'll I started making the burners and I have a question about the length of the down tube, frosty says a 8"-9" works well for the 3/4 burner, I've seen pictures of others that are shorter and seem to work well, my question is what would be a good overall length for the down tube? And would I have to use a flare on the end of it? Thanks alot
  14. Thanks, I'going to start find the materials to build the burners
  15. Thanks frosty, so would I use a 1/2x1/2x1/2 tee if I was making a 1/2 t burner, what length would the pipe need to be?
  16. I've purchased this book, frostys t burner look like a lot simpler design
  17. I've been trying to find instructions on building one
  18. Is the construction the same for the 1/2 as it is for the 3/4, same mig tips?
  19. Thanks Frosty! On your t burners do u have choke plates on either side of the T
  20. I figured once I add the 2" of blanket material and the firebrick for the floor it should bring the volume way down, I've seen a forge similar to mine with the burners spaced out 5 3/8" apart. I've decided on 2 3/4 burners, built right they should cover 300-350 cu inches. Should I open up the back for a passthru?
  21. The way it sits now with no insulating material the volume is 1414 cubic inches(10x18") , if I account for the 2" of blanket it puts it at 6x14, with the radius of 3" and length of 14, it puts the volume at 396, doesn't sound right, so I would need 2 burners spaced about 6" apart
  22. Do yall think it'll be ok to leave it the length that it is, once I put the 2" of ceramic blanket I'm gonna lose 4" in length. Should I cut a hole in the back as well?
  23. I guess what I meant by general is that I want a forge that I can forge and heat treat knives but at the same time if I wanted to forge weld, I'd be able to, I'd rather have more than I need. What are common dimensions of kaowool? Frosty, I looked for your t burner, I found the post, I wasn't able to open the pics. Thanks for the replies, this is all new to me
  24. Thanks! I updated my info. Do u think I should shorten it?
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