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  1. Since I have regain some of my spare time I have been working in my shop more now and I desided to scrap my old propane forge plans and cook up a new one, and I was playing with my fire bricks, to give my self an idea how I may do it, and inside the chamber its 9" high,8" wide, with a 4" wide chamber door and I was wondering what is consider a "large forge" or " small forge"
  2. Wow thx for all the info and tips guys i really do appeciate
  3. ya ok i feel stupid now i still have not found what i was look en for but now i am on track with back yard foundry sites so sorry for wasting yalls time folks
  4. thank you guys for the reply's, I understand the process of casting iron but wanted to know if there was an art or style to it.
  5. Hello folks, I was wondering if any one knows how to or were I can find instruction to make cast iron skillets, I tried to google it and all I was getting was how to pre-season my cast iron skillets and no matter how I type the question up got the same search, made it seem like it was some dark hidden forbidden knowledge they don't want out there because I would topple the cookware market.
  6. Amon

    propane tanks

    ya i had no luck removing the valve on the tank with my tools
  7. Amon

    propane tanks

    O ok well I have plans for a forge but I am a broke person I figure I could spare a tank to use as a forge
  8. Amon

    propane tanks

    Hello everybody i am new to the blacksmith world and i have a question, i want to build my forge and i have two propane tanks one is the standard size you get at gas stations or wal-mart and my other one is larger one, witch one should i use for my forge and i need to neutralize the left over propane but i cant get the nozzle off the tank nor do i have any special adapter to hook a water hose up to dilute the propane, how should i go about this p.s. my grammar and spelling is as bad as a retarded monkey
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