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    Thanks fellas..
  2. lots"o"gas


    Tree console table base with Walnut slab... I tried a new Patina tonight and it's the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks dead like bronze.. The metal chasing was a bear on this one but I'm happy with the end result.
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    Yeah.... but the tetanus would would make you forget your neck ache :rolleyes:
  4. lots"o"gas


    I love mixing materials, media, and styles
  5. lots"o"gas


    Lots of time in the base....It was fun but certainly lots of chasing...
  6. lots"o"gas


    Under construction....Still got a ways to go
  7. lots"o"gas


    Full scale cowboy hat... It's part of a table.. I love projects like this, keep up the nice work guys and gals!!
  8. We do the art in clay and send it to the foundry where molds are made..... It's a lost wax technique and is very labor intensive. I love forging but some projects have to be cast.... I'll try to find some pictures of it in clay. I wish bronze wasn't so expensive, I love it 's properties..If I can find some pics I'll post them... Take care
  9. Yeah Monster I'm running nat. gas and it works well for us......... No pass thru door, we still run the open end 2 burner Mankel for heating tips and such. I was nervous about cutting up a "Johnson" but man I'm glad I did. If anyone has any questions hit me up and I'll be glad to "try" and help...
  10. Made a colts fire pit with glass and stainless horseshoe tray...turned out pretty cool. Had a little help from my buddy Darren with the burner setup.
  11. lots"o"gas

    anvil roast

    That would make a killer shirt....
  12. Thanks for the nice words...It was one of the easier projects i've done but still one of my favorites.. Just goes to show that it doesn't have to over complicated to be cool. No worries Mrobb you can handle it for sure...The hardest part will be getting a sweet slab of wood...Good luck
  13. Yeah...lots of chasin but almost there..Thanks for the kind words everyone. I'll post it up after it's done.
  14. I've got about $500 in it and it works like a champ...
  15. We have never melted steel in ours... It's an older model and we control the temp. by gating down the "incoming" gas and also with the vent on the blower. It's super adjustable and we have rarely run it wide open. I had 6 pieces of 1" in it last week with no problems. Is yours still a drop in? I'm no forge Guru by any means but if you send me some pics I could maybe help you out. It sounds like you just need some tweeking. Don't give up on it because once you figure it out you'll be very pleased. I can walk in the shop at 8:00 am and be hammering 1" at 8:15. I've heard people say they are gas hogs but our gas bill has never been "crazy" by any means. Please feel free to call me and maybe we can sort out your problem. Good luck.. Clyde
  16. Hello.... You guys and gals are building some nice forges . I found a used Johnson 133 on e-bay for $250 and converted it to a barrel type in a few hours. I cut the end out and mounted the swivel head to the fire box frame. We've been using this unit for about 6 years with no problems, it's awesome. I recently bought a newer johnson 133 on ebay for $800 and it's crazy clean..... I haven't hooked it up yet but I'm pretty excited. We started with a Mankel open end forge and I still love it. You can work a curve no matter how long, it only heats about 12" or so but the open end is sweet. I'll post some better pictures soon. Thanks for reading and keep up the nice work!
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