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  1. New to the forum but not new to smithing, a little about myself. Im a Specalist in the US Army currently in Afghanistan, I am from Louisiana and have been smithing for about 4 years before my army career. Recent injury from an IED put me out the fight for a little while. Im currently working on getting the tools needed to start smithing here in Afghanistan, I expect to start doing some metalwork here in about a month when my injury is finally healed. Well thats about it! Its great to be a part of the forum!
  2. Yup Armor Archive is the way to go, made the Roman Lorica Segmentata in about a month out of 18g steel, not a bad project!
  3. Thanks for the speedy replies and support guys! Ill look into those sources, and the oil forge sounds way more practical! since we have a lot of used oil laying around, I think i will try to gear more closer to something like that. Thanks again guys! We will be sure to post pictures when we get things up and running!
  4. My name is Spc.Savant, im a US Army soldier deployed to Afghanistan. I have been smithing for about 4 years before I started my Army career and have never really been interested in the whole induction forge method, I always used coal. Anyways, when my platoon mechanic found out about my past smithing history he was fascinated and wanted to start smithing here, then he ran the idea of induction forges by me, this is where you guys come in. We have all the materials, but not really sure what exactly we need, I have been researching the topic for some time (I have a lot of free time now due to the recent IED that put me on crutches and made me non mission capable). Any help or input would be much appreciated, buying a forge is out of the question due to my current location. Thanks, Spc. Savant