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  1. sorry about the lack of info im new to this. im in northern california curently attending humboldt state university im a studio art major emphasis in sculpture im a lab tech and teaching assistant for the sculpture dept. as far as skills ive tried to pick up everyone i can im a fast learner when it comes to tools both using and fixing. i worked with a jeweler in high school continued with that in colege, i can weld (gas, arc, mig, and tig), i have extensive experience in metal casting from gold to bronze, i do some light gunsmithing and reloading, and theres more if u have any questions as to
  2. hey everyone im new to this site and forums in general. found this forum because i was looking into blacksmithing apprenticeships and i know they are rare but i was wondering if anyone knew of any opptions im willing to go just about anywhere for this. im mostly been doing this on my own and would love to get an education and if possible a traditional foundation to take me further. any help or dirrection is greatly appreciated.
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