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Can anyone help with the identification of this anvil. The markings are very faint, as can be seen in the pics. I guesstimate it weighs about 250 pounds or more.

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What continent is it on?  What does the bottom look like?  Is the underside of the heel smooth or undulating? Is there any numbers along the front foot of the anvil?  Soes it have a flat on the feet?

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The base is hollowed out slightly, like an elonged shallow bowl shape. It is located In Newfoundland, Canada, and was used at the Gander Airport after WW2. It could have come from England, or the US. I can't see any definite numbers, except in the pictures I can kinda make out a 2, and maybe a five...hard to tell. I don't see any flats on the feet ( you can see the entire anvil in one of the pics/ on the tailgate of my pickup ). The underside of the heel is undulating I would say...several ripples in it. I think I can see part of the word "american" in an oval shape, but that's not definite.  The Hardie hole is 1 1/4 " if that helps.


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Size of hardy hole has no bearing.  If the hollow is a caplet shape and the heel underside is undulating I would guess Arm and Hammer as the manufacturer (with Trenton as my backup guess)  Note that manufacturers sometimes did contract work for other companies and stamped such anvils per that company's requirement.

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