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well the bending tool I refer to as the "WMD" lol.

I have several jigs for bending that I have used for bending scrolls and such. I am a trial and ere kinda guy, so I build my jig and use a small piece of pipe or make sure I can drill a hole in the jig somewhere that allows me to insert the pivot end of my bending bar. On the jig in the Picture I had to have my post in 2 places so the first bend only went about 110 degrees then I would flip my bending bar over and use the next set of posts that would allow me to complete the scroll.

here is a youtube video of one of my other bending jigs. it is towrds the last 30 seconds




So no there is not a pattern, I weld the posts on my bending bars where I need them at the time. but I have about 4 of them now so usually that gets the job done. I use all 4 sides not just 1 side there are 3 more sides there so why not use them.

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