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Made a lid for the fire pot out of a brake rotor. This acts just like a candle snuffer. killing the fire quickly.and it works great!

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If you are anealing a small enough piece that you could put the rotor over it and let it die out would you go that way or pile on a bit more coal and let it die out on its own.  I am asking beacuse I think the rotor is a great idea for ending the session and then it made me wonder would that be a good way to aneal too, but would it cool down too fast?  What do you think?  I am just thinking I could be anealing pieces ahead of me for future projects nearly every time I shut down.  That may not be as much of a concern for eveyone but we are still in extraordinary drought here in western Oklahoma so I have to think about it. 

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I would say that killing the fire would be a bad way to anneal, but I'm not even that far in my forging to know whats good or bad. feel free to share the picture and ask the question for everyone to see. that way maybe more than you can get the answer they are looking for. it's worth questioning.

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