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Compound Scroll Jig


This is the compound scroll jig I used on the scrolls I recently posted. I got the idea from Jr. Strasil (Irnsrgn) It allows more than one turn without having to hammer your scroll down into the jig. Wrap the first turn and close it up for the next turn. The jig is mounted to a 1" thick multi-purpose plate that pivots on a bearing and has locator pin holes at 4 places 90° apart. I can work with any length stock and not be limited to the 11 foot width of my garage :)

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Not really. You simply make your scroll pattern out of what ever you have on hand. I used 3/4" X 3/16" mild flat stock. After you figure where you could hook or clamp the inside end to start your scroll, you split and hinge it where it will bring the outside turn of the scroll out of the way so your stock can be put in without interference. I actually have to start a bit of the scroll over the anvil before it will fit. I didn't hinge it in the perfect spot or it won't open quite enough but I didn't want to cut it apart again ;) The pivot plate was my idea. Just a steel plate with a bearing on the bottom that pivots on a bolt in my vise.

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