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elloit was made by a blacksmith for use in the shop its about 2 1/2 ft long, made of 1/2 by 1 1/2 flat This tool is a copy of someones Grandfathers, the original handle was forged to a long taper, the original has been lost or tossed. Tool by Irnsrgn. The long taper on the original part of it's function Irns? Answer: Made it lighter and easier to handle I guess. Still needs a little modification on the working end and am going to taper the handle with power hammer some day, it really needs to be longer. It's a tire wrench, the wood block represents the fello of a wooden wagon wheel, the metal strip represents the iron tire around the wheel, after heating to expand the tire sometimes it deforms and won't go over the fello so you use the tire wrench to force the iron tire out and over the wooden fello and then drive down with a hammer. By moving the wrench and pulling and hiting you can get the tire over the fello and then drive into place and cool for the shrink fit needed to hold the tire on the fello.

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