The Scientific Steelworker 1907

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The Scientific Steelworker By Ozro A. Westover

For Steel Workers and Blacksmiths,The Art of Working Steel Thoroughly Explained. Also Steel Working Receipts and Mechanical Tables for Making Rings of All Sizes of Iron, Steel and Angle Iron.

In presenting the second edition of this work to, the craft, it has been my aim to give my readers thorough and complete instructions in the art of working steel. Books of a theoretical and technical character are of little value to a practical man. For the benefit of my brother craftsmen and all those who wish to gain a thorough knowledge of modern practical and scientific steel working, I will endeavor to give the best methods of Forging, Annealing, Hardening, Tempering, Case Hardening, and Welding the King of Metals (Steel), and to point out the chief causes of bad results and how to avoid them, and to do so in a plain, concise manner, eliminating all technical terms, superflous words, egotistical anecdotes; and hope my efforts will meet with the approval of the world's best Steel Workers arid Steel Makers, and be of value to every blacksmith and steel worker, machinist and boiler maker.

The writer is a practical blacksmith and an expert steel worker of seventeen years' experience at the anvil and hardening furnace, has worked in several up-to-date shops and with several of the best steel workers in America. I do not claim to know it all or to be the only man who knows how to work steel properly (there are others). All I claim to be is one of the world's best Steel Workers. The first edition of this

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