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Indoor wood stove as a forge

Chris brokkr

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 Ok I do not want to convert my indoor wood stove into a forge but tonight I went to feed the fire and noticed ( after a day in the forge) the coals that burn in the bottom of the stove burn real bright orange an orange I'd compare to my forge now the stove has a blower and an openable door under the fire so my question is could I heat steel in it hot enough to move? Not sure how the wife would take to me smithing in the basement but in reality wouldn't it work out? 

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Your wood stove is not designed for that kind of heat. It would seriously overheat and the possibility of a flue fire is not out of the question.

I also heat with wood and have had several flue fires over the past 30 years, real scary to say the least, even with a fire extinguisher handy.

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I did this when I wanted to get a feel for how metal moves when I was in my teens. Our wood stove always burned orange hot at the bottom when there was a good draft going and a bed of coals. I did precisely one project this way before I moved on to making my own custom charcoal forge for safety reasons and noise complaints from my family. Forging tends to spray extremely hot rust and sparks everywhere which is a major fire hazard as well. I highly recommend building a simple forge (outside) that uses charcoal if you want to get your feet wet.  

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