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shop progress report

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John: My shop is almost functional. The larger hammer is in place but not operational. The smaller hammer is operational but not in place. :D

About 1/2 my machinery is in; the forge is up, and I'm starting to get it organized.

Right now I'm a bit OOC from flareup of a pinched nerve in my back... same as I was suffering from at BGOP Spring Fling.

There are no windows or doors in, but it ain't cold yet neither. :mrgreen:

I only have 60A available for now, so have to be careful that nothing much is on when welding or hammering. Most of my motors are 5hp or less, so it's not a big inconvenience.

We had the annual SVBG picnic inside the shop... and everybody fit comfortably. Amazing. I must not have enough toys in the way yet.

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