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I Forge Iron

Need Some Equipment in Arkansas


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Hello Everyone,

I love making stuff. Always have. I am just getting started in knife making. I want to hand forge just because that's the way I'm wired. I have a very small coal forge (I believe it's a farrier forge or possibly it was used by elves). I am hoping that someone knows someone in the Jonesboro, Arkansas area who has a larger charcoal forge or at least a larger hand cranked blower that they would let go for less than a kidney. I could also use some tongs. Maybe someone has some extra stuff that they don't use and would be willing to put together a basic package for a reasonable price.
Saturday, a friend went to a farm sale and came back to tell me that they had a medium sized coal forge with a hand cranked blower that looked like it had been kept in storage. Great condition. I told him what I could give thinking I was offering a pretty good price. I went to work thinking that forge was as good as mine! I wasn't even close. So I, I,.....I, Sorry I can't talk about it now....
Thanks for any help you can give.

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I'm not trying to be a smart mouth, but you can build or forge everything you listed in this request. You can make a huge forge with the pan from a wheel barrow. You can forge your own tongs to meet your needs. It's a proud moment when you look around at what you created, using what you created. Yes it will take more time than money, but you can customize for your own needs. The $50 Knife shop is a great book to help in this area. Check out the blueprint section of this website and anvilfire.com as well. Best of luck and be sure to post pictures of your work.

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