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Hybrid burners


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Aloha Brian, Yes I made a 4th prototype for testing ( which has a tip on the end to hold the flame as the ones in the pics now do as well, I was able to operate the burner from 4-50 psi w/ propane with a very stable and hot neutral looking flame, I was very happy that I did not even need a slide/air collar, the initial tests were impressive, these burners have custom venturi's which create very stable yet high output flames, I will keep you posted, I too cannot wait to finish my forge and continue to test/try out (awaiting refractory to line fire bricks). Zap

The burners sure do look nice and clean. Nice job!

Have you test fired them yet? Do you have plans for a flare or flame holder? I'd like to see the finished forge.
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Sounds good. How about sharing your custom venturi profile? I would be interested to see it. Remember that you will likely need to do a little fine tuning to the burners after placing them in the forge chamber in relation to the "open air" environment. Looks and sounds like you are on track. Good luck!

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