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  1. Fire Extinguisher - No (Ironic...I'm just undergoing selection for the Fire and Rescue Service!) Tis a good point though and is on my list of "stuff to get". This list is ever growing but today I've found a Blacksmith's Vise and a COLLOSAL Bench Vise and am picking them up! 

    Stock - I'm planning on following an online course I purchased and have ordered the course material. I ordered it in triplicate as, frankly, I want to free style at times!

    Tool Racks - I'm also learning at the local metal shop how to weld. Tool racks (and a welding table) are high on the agenda as well as a work station for the pillar drill i scored on Facebook Marketplace for £70 (It was still wrapped in the box!!)

    Quench Bucket - No lid!! Is this important? Also clueless as to what I should be quenching in though am devouring content on the forum :D

    Forge Warming Party - I've a mate who's crazy into restoring classic cars and has loads of talent. He's top of the list to be bashing metal and drinking beer with. He's already donated a fridge to the garage for just this purpose and we've a craft brewery at the end of my road. We'll give it a quiet go and no doubt it'll grow over time, the right way :D 


  2. I'm new to all this. I mentioned to the lovely bloke who works in the workshop next door that I was going to start having a go at blacksmithing and he brought round a hammer saying it has been a door stop forever. He thought I might make use of it and if not play about and try to finish it and learn to put a handle on it etc.

    With this in mind, and keen to start using my new grinder, I got started cleaning off the mud, rust and mess and found the following markings... anyone got any idea who the maker might be (its covered and I dare not keep leaning on the cup brush)?

    I love old things and just wanted to grab what knowledge on it that I can.



  3. 8 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

    Stone wheel bench grinder or abrasive belt belt grinder?  What will you be using it for?   (Blades really do best with a belt grinder!)

    Well I've got this idea that I want to make really pretty versions of everyday tools. Hammers, trowels, hoes. Some very practical fencing and things for around the garden. So something for all round ease of finishing over something specifically for  blades.

  4. Hey all,

    Just starting out and landed lucky with a number of shop type tools from friends, family and Facebook marketplace (accidental alliteration....ah...additional accidental alliteration!). Awaiting the delivery of my coke forge very excitedly. Thought I'd tip my hat and do loads of reading! Thanks for all of the amazing information I've already read along the way,

    Will be looking for some form of grinder to complete the set, any suggestions welcome! I've got a fair bit of space and am fortunate from a budget perspective (Cleared out a lot of boys toys to make room!) so willing to make a bigger purchase if I'll grow into it!



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