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  1. Just waiting for payday to buy it, a few days. on the topic of Anvil stands/quieting an anvil does anybody have any advice?  

    I was thinking to knock something together out of multiple scaffolding planks cut out the shape of the foot and find something to hold the 'toes' of the foot tight to the wood. I have seen people use tree stumps aswell as home welded stands made of tubing but having problems locating the former and have to admit to being unable to weld, I have seen things on amazon like stands for table saws but I Strongly suspect these would be a terrible choice. 


    U.k Beverley east yorkshire

  2. Hi people, im looking at buying my first anvil and have failed to find a decent ASO and frankly can't afford much more than this 1 is listed at. The seller says its early 1800s pre-peter wright method forged anvil and im tempted in my ignorance to agree given the waist's slight off centre nature. It has a bit of sway but the damage doesnt seem to have become so bad as to make it unuseable to me.

    my question i suppose is does anybody have knowledge of anvils this old/construction method, do they still have a hardened steel surface and at £250 does this seem like a good 1?


    ebay anvil 283lb waist.jpg

    ebay anvil 238 top.jpg

    ebay anvil 283lb 2.jpg


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