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  1. This one found me at work. Hay Budden 125. I credit this one to TPAAAT. 

    I was scrolling through Larry Z's simple gas forge [pneumatic tank conversion] and my buddy stopped by asking me if I needed a pneumatic tank? Why, yes, please.  He proceeds to ask what I'll be doing with it, "gonna start beating metal soon."

    "Do you need an anvil?"

    Need is such an intriguing concept...

    I have all the hardware for a Frosty 3/4" T Burner, Wayne will be receiving an order for blanket and refractory in the near term.



  2. Not being a blacksmith, but on my own path, I found the sale and what he's asking in the ad is very fair.

    Kozzy nailed it when he said $6-7K range; if one were to take the time to sell it for premium/retail/collector prices.  If you plan to use it, pay what he's asking (within reason) and walk away with a warm fuzzy!! There's something to be said for both parties walking away from a transaction feeling like they both got a decent deal.