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  1. Checked out your thread on the other forum. the "making of" and i must say. since i started dabbling in Blacksmithing. i have learned a little. and since my apprenticeship to Stan(Trying-it) i have seen so much more i wish to do with metal. Seeing this WIP reminds me of what first peeked my interest in blacksmithing. I look forward to the day when i get to the place you are. That is a beautiful sword.

  2. Pug. It will again be in august. i believe its the 3rd weekend. 3 days. Stan will verify. Apparently many people form here attend. I am new to this. so this will be my first hammer-in. In fact here is a video of my 2ND DAY getting with stan. He is my Blacksmithing Mentor. dont think i coulda found better. (no offense to anyone else) http://youtu.be/_mgFbohX72w we are making a tomahawk out of a ball peen hammer. You also get to see the purple monster that Gaddis was talkin about. Stan uses that one. not me. like i said. still new...lol

  3. I just wanted to start a thread about my experience Saturday at Stans house. Got there he showed me his shop. and well..............i text my wife and told her i was movin in with Stan....lol She didnt find it quite as comical as i did...lol

    But after talked a lil bit he drug out some clay. Im thinking great. play doh....lol but it helped alot. never seen a diagonal peen hammer before. and working the clay with that hammer gave me some understanding of what it would do to the metal. Made a fork with the clay just to see how bad my hammer control was...lol. Any of ya that seen my 1st youtube vid know that its BAD!!...lmao But workin with the clay helped me visualize what the hammer hits will do. so im actually gonna do some more of that each time i get a hammer to learn a lil about its own personality.

    Feel free to watch the latest youtube vid. You will still see i am horrible at hammer control. but you will also see that i already started to improve with Stan helpin me out. Still got a long way to go. but heck of a lot better then a week ago..lol.

    Video is just a compilation of some of my hammering. Wanted to do a full video of what it took to make the rose form a horseshoe you see in the pic. I MADE THAT!!!! sorry. lil excited. wasnt expecting to make something so cool the first day i met him...lol.

    But he would hammer his own horse shoe so far. t hen stop and coach me on how to do mine. then heat his up again take it little further. then coach me on catching mine up. Was an excellent class. Made it real easy to learn.

    I want to again thank those in the chat that told me about Stan. I was seeking someone close enough to me to show me how to do this right. Im looking forward to working with him again. and look forward to meeting more of you later this month and then at the hammer-in.

    John Lemmerman


  4. Hi All

    I have "dabbled" in blacksmithing. and i use a home made coal forge, and old antique anvil. I am seeking knowledgable people in my area that would like to start getting together and working together on projects. I would prefer people more knowledgable then me(which wont be to hard to find...lol) but someone just starting out like me is great too. I live in Southern IL on the Missouri border. About an hour or so south of st louis. If anyone is in this area or knows of people who are. That wouldnt mind taking on a new person thats wanting to learn. Please let me know.

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