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I Forge Iron

Hello from NE Washington State


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Hello Everyone,

My name is Patrick and I live north of Spokane, WA. I have wanted to do blacksmithing and bladesmithing for over 20 years, and this past year I finally got to it. I have made a small Lively style charcoal forge, and I have a small anvil that my Grandfather gave me years ago. I rounded up a few other tools and I started bashing steel. I am interested in all kinds of blacksmithing & bladesmithing, and smelting & working all metals.

I have been buckskinning for over 20 years now and have been doing braintanning for about that long. I also practice and teach most primitive living skills, and teach at gatherings such as Rabbitstick and Wintercount.

I am married and have 3 girls, and I work full time as a counselor/therapist for the steady support. I also have a small farm where we raise Shetland sheep and pigmy goats. We live on 7 wooded acres and practice Permaculture principles where possible.

Glad to be a part of this community!


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Welcome aboard Patrick, glad to have ya!

Boy do we have a few things in common. My Mother (recently passed) and sister just moved from E. Wenatchee to Boise and when I can I love tooling around the scablands checking out the Spokane Flood terraine.

My wife Deb and I live on 15 acres of mixed birch and spruce forest just north of Anchorage AK. My thing is metal working of all kinds leaning towards smithing for release and whatever else that strikes my fancy.

We also raise Pygmy goats and are just starting to get into Angora and Pygoras seeing as Deb took up spinning about a year ago. SPRING PROMISE PYGMY AND PYGORA GOATS

There's a chance your wife knows Snowgoose and visa a versa.

This could make for some very fortuitous traveling and visiting eh?


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