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cant figure this out - hardy holes are not square

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Making your hardy tools fit that anvil will get old real quick. Then when you get a another anvil your going to have a bunch of hardy tools that dont fit it cause you mod'd them to fit that oddball anvil.

So unless you can get that dirt cheap and pick it up to save shipping I would say pass on that anvil.

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but why the two hardies

the two hardi holes are for useing multiple tools at once, ex table hardies and or benders of some kind;) mines just like it and yes the odd shaped holes are a HUGE PAIN IN THE WRONG PLACE, especialy when you have to make a new tool for a special jop Edited by navren scafidi
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That is a quirky looking anvil. Never seen an odd sized face like that.
It seems someone created another hardy hole where the pritchel hole was, why? who knows. If it is not cast iron it wouldn't be bad if it was REAL cheap.

What do you plan to do with it? For general smithing it is a very light anvil. I wouldn't waste my time on this doorstop.

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According to Elmer Roush, hardy tools should be made to fit a particular anvil, and marked (centerpunch) for orientation so you put them in the same way each time. IOW they should not be a sloppy fit.

Or you might try this approach:
You could modify those easily when you get a different anvil.

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Re. Filing the hardy hole the answer is yes and no.

If the anvil is soft, and therefore worthless, yes you could file it. It would be a huge amount of work and you would have a useless anvil with a square hole. You could keep it near your real anvil just to keep a hardy in but it hardly seems worth the trouble.

If it is a properly hardened anvil (which frankly I doubt) then you will wear out a lot of files before you make any serious difference. Even if you cost your time in at minimum wage I think it would be cheaper just to buy a decent anvil in the first place!

There are plenty of well made, proper sized anvils out there. Pass on this one and let somebody who wants an ornament for the garden have it!

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way to many red flags im with aso all the way, but im im far from being an anvil expert.

1 Look at the base, Compared to real anvils in the back ground, it looks like they ran out of steel, but they didnt as it looks like it was cast in 2 parts and joined at the waste. Poor, ugly base.

2 Look closely at the 8th picture with the two hardy holes, the edge seems mushromed or dented and the dent is sticking up, which leads me to believe that it tipped on another anvil, Which leads me to believe the face is not hardend at all because anvils dont dent like nails.

3 the 2 hardy holes look cast , is that a casting flaw in the 7th picture? the inside corner looks like there is a small lip.

4 its brand new and it looks just like the old ones in the back ground.

5 the last picture. Looks like the face is not even centered and there is a big chip on the left side of the face, about1/4 inch from the surface? Usually the chips are on the top corners of the face, Which leads me to believe it was an air bubble trapped in a cheap casting..

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