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I Forge Iron

Picture of square steel making a round hole

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I am glad that you guys got a kick out of it.

Speaking of early photos, ie. stop motion photography. There is a series of photos from the 1920's that is of a drop of milk driping into a pail of milk. Might sound boring, but the splash pattern is really wild, it forms a bunch of splash drops in a symetrical patern etc.

So what they did was to use a mechanical setup to time, VERY precisely the moment when the drop of milk was let loose and when a metal ball would drop, the metal ball would make a contact which would, in the dark room, ignite a very brilliant flash of light, I believe it was a carbon arc light.

So with changing the actuation movement of the mechanical aparatus they were able to drop numerous drops of milk and photograph it at what would be in real time 1/100,000th of a second intervals. This was after much experimentation and making the drop timing repetable, the thing that made it work was the constant force of gravity.

It would be curious to try this with a board drop hammer and a hot piece of steel, use the same type of setup, drop two things, the hammer and something that would activate the flash or shutter of a high speed camera.

Something to think about at least.

Caleb Ramsby

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This is really an excellent illustration of the vapor blanket effect in a water quench. And it tells how this kind of quench can be really stressful due to its unevenness. So the high agitation of an Intensiquench or the precipitated shell of a polymer quench would help lessen the effect. It is always nice to see in graphic illustration what is explained in the literature.

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An easy way to get stop action photography is with an industrial strobe light.
They are usualy veriable from 10 to several thousand flashes per second. We used one at a shop I worked at to observe chip loading and discharge on the planer tools. Pretty cool.

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