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I Forge Iron

Hello Everybody


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New member here from North Carolina. Just trying to begin blacksmithing. I'm still accumulating a few tools and have finally found an anvil (actually 2) trying to figure out which one to keep. Will be researching on a forge next.

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you.

If you can swing it keep both anvils, that way you can decide which you like best by using both. It doesn't get better than that.

A forge is just a place to build a fire and can be really simple things, a hole in the ground with a piece of iron pipe from a hair drier works just fine.

Just do NOT wait till you have ALL the "right" tools before you get started. Build a fire and start hammering iron, it's the only way to learn the craft.

If you'll click "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your locations folk won't have to try remembering where you are so they can tip you to tool deals, get togethers, etc.


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I guess it would make better sense to keep them both and maybe get rid of one later if need be or maybe do some trading. One is around 108 lbs pretty good shape, the other is a 160 lb old colonial type anvil with only the hardie hole, it has been used quite a bit and the face repaired at some time along one edge. I may post some pics later and see if anyone knows what type they are. The hardie holes on both are only about 3/4".

I'll have to dig around the forum and get some ideas on a good homemade forge.


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That's not a bad spread already. Set the heavier, rougher anvil at knuckle height for heavier and rougher work. Set the lighter clean anvil higher, perhaps higher than wrist height to do finish work on.

The light one is also a good weight for portable smithing. Once you get hooked up with a bunch of other smiths you might be surprised how often you'll want to take your own tools.

Check the blue print section and look for the 55 forge. Also read through the getting started and lessons section for more useful info, exercises, etc.

Just searching IFI will turn up all kinds of useful info, discussions, pics, etc. Forge construction, modification, use, etc. is a pretty common theme here. For some odd reason.

And of course asking questions is good.


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