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My 2x72 belt grinder build is nearing completion. I still need to make a work rest, that will probably happen tommorow evening. I'm all booked up with a blue and gold banquet this evening, and maybe blueprints if I get home early enough (doubtful). Anyway, y'all can look at the pix and let me know what you think.

I had all the parts that were feasible cut out by the waterjet guys. Fab'd the rest. Mike-hr did the welding for me. I had them cut all the bolt holes a little undersized and then I just reamed them with the appropriate drill bit depending on whether they were a clearance hole, or getting tapped. I'm estimating the weight at around 200lbs, and she just sits there and purrs. The bearing on the small contact wheel gets warm after 15 minutes of grinding, not sure why other than it's really turning fast. This was not a cheap build. I was far too impatient to wait 'til I could scrounge stuff. I hunted for a cheaper motor for a while, but finally just ordered a brand new one. It's a 2hp, 3ph Baldor with a 7/8" shaft. I ordered the drive wheel from Joseph Bader since they use a direct drive system and bore their wheels 7/8". I talked to Rob at Beaumont, and it would've been cost prohibitive to have him rework his CNC program to build it. I did order the tracking and contact wheels from him. I websurfed 'til I was satisfied that I had found the most economical (cheapest) VFD and ordered it. All in all, I'm just about a grand into this grinder, but for the features and build quality I've got I think it's still way cheaper than buying a commercially built one. Plus, I get the satisfaction of having built it myself. I did all the design work in AutoCAD, and once I was satisfied with a part, I was able to email the DXF file to the waterjet shop and pick it up after work. A very fun build that has occupied me for about the last month.



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As if I don't have enough projects, this inspires me to build another grinder LOL. No, I'll make do with mine as it works great for me but I do really like this design. I can see, at least IMHO that it could be done rather inexpensively if one had the resources :D. Xxxxxxxxx grinder mcgraig! I LOVE it!!!

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Yes, I couldn't find a box I liked so I just fabbed one up out of 22ga. sheetmetal. You do see wire nuts in the picture, I took it before I buttoned everything up. I didn't want to close it all up until I had made sure the motor was going to spin the correct direction in case I had to switch some wires around. It's all buttoned up now though. You just may have me beat on the frankengrinder. If you look closely, you'll see that this one's name was etched into the tracking/tension arm by the waterjet shop. In my best german accent, Fukengrinden is it's name. I've run into numerous little "issues" along the path on this build and have been updating the cad drawing as I go, so when I go to build another one, it should be a piece of cake. I've got a feeling we'll be building one for Mike-hr before too long so I should get a chance to put that statement to the test. We'll see. Or maybe I'll build a few to sell? who knows. Anyway, just glad to have it operational. Hopefully tonight I'll get the workrest done, then tommorow night I'll be able to forge a blade or two and do some grinding on it. That'll be exciting!!!

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Talk about FrankenMonster grinders, I just started throwing parts at at a motor and pully and "POOF!!" And it will not discriminate between flesh or steel :D... Sorry about the clutter, and the tool rest is finished in real life ;)


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