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New post vise stand

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Here's a new post vise stand I just finished by modifying the green base. This is a small vise, 3.5". I have a larger one that needs a new spring and wedges. It will be next.
The stand was originally set up with a chain saw sharpener on top. Got it and the sharpener for $50. The sharpener's table is shown with the post still attached where I cut it off. I had no idea the post was solid but my Milwaukee "The Torch" cut-off blade went right through it.

The new top is all scrap from the junkyard. I hadn't done any welding in about a year so it started a little rough. I plan to store tongs and hammers on the sides and end.

The only markings on the vise are the numbers shown. The "35" may refer to it's size. I know it's not much to go on but, does anyone recognize the brand?





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I'm sure that there are better arrangements for the tongs and hammers but, I have only a small area to work in (6x8) and no room for another rack. And at this point I don't have so many of either.

I'm not sure how much it weighs. The flat bottom actually makes it less stable. It rocks on every little bump on the floor. When I decide where it will finally reside I will bolt it to the floor.

Thanks for the comments.

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Looks as tho an Eastman engineer designed it!;) They always OVER KILL when designing something. But I can see that this was a salvaged stand modified to your needs. Weld a piece, say 1/4"x1" or so, to the corners. This will take out some of the wobble. (warped when it was originally built)

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